I am a postdoctoral fellow in The Animation Lab being mentored by scientific visualization expert, Asst. Prof Janet Iwasa. I collaborate with scientists to create visualizations that enable them to "see" their hypotheses, models, ideas and/or communicate their findings. This can be in the form of 3D or 2D animations, graphics and illustrations. A portion of my time goes into education and outreach for scientific visualization.

Prior to my postdoc, I was freelancing as a biomedical illustrator based in India and United States. I am a trained scientist, having received my PhD in Pharmacology, and M.Sc in Biochemistry before I pursued my interest in visualization. 

If you are looking to give clarity, deeper thought and life to your scientific ideas/discoveries, or develop in the field of viz, or just geek out on viz, I will be happy to have a conversation.  

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