Happy 2021! ...the year we burst the Covid bubble
PDBs used - 6VXX, 3I6G, 7K3G (2020)
Happy 2020!

PDBs used - GFP-like proteins​​​​​​​ (2019)

"Why does it always caffeine on me ?" says A2A adenosine receptor

PDBs used - 3QAK, 4UHR, VMD_bilayer (2018)

GFP light bulb

PDBs used -1EMA, 1GFL (2017)

Holiday cheer can be infectious! (Christmas ornament-Ebola virus matrix protein)

PDB used -1H2C,  Created in collaboration with Lead Designer Mark Hoelzer from the Centre for BioMolecular Modeling, Milwaukee School of Engineering (2015)

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