Ultrafast Endocytosis

To be published soon. Created in collaboration with Assoc Prof. Shigeki Watanabe and postdoc Yuuta Imoto from the Dept. of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (2019-2020)

Formation of Actin-LINC-Lamin lines (ALL-lines)
Created in collaboration with Res Assoc Prof. Mark Smith and Prof. Mary Beckerle at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah (2019-2020)
Mediator in Transcriptional Activation 

Model of human RNA polymerase II Pre-Initiation Complex (2020)

TFIID-dependent regulation of RNA pol II promoter-proximal pausing (2020)

Regulation of CDK7 kinase by TFIIH complex (2019). Paper

Mediator interaction with the TFIIF–RNA pol II complex (2019)

TF-induced structural changes in Mediator: the p53-Mediator complex (2019)

TF-induced structural changes in Mediator: the SREBP-Mediator complex (2019)

CDK8 module association with Mediator bound to enhancer DNA (2019) (made with Grace Hsu)

This is an ongoing project in collaboration with Prof. Dylan Taatjes from the Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Colorado Boulder (2019 - present). Find more details here.
Tumor Metabolism

Yet to be published. Introduction to tumor microenvironment (2019)

Yet to be published. Tumor Cells vs. T cells (2020)

These were created in collaboration with Prof. Marcia Haigis and postdoc Alison Epstein Ringel from the Dept. of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School.

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